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Objectives & Functions


  • The prime object of establishing the Chair is to facilitate studies and research by intellectuals, academicians, scholars and students to understand, assess, analyse and disseminate ideas, ideologies, thoughts, ideals and mission relating to the Panchyati Raj system and to provide opportunities to develop appropriate methodologies and strategies to translate democratic decentralisation process meaningful rewarding and implementable and pragmatic application.
  • The teaching, study and research under the chair should focus on legal status of the system of Panchayati Raj to strengthen its Institution in the pursuit of its goals.
  • The entire exercise should focus on bringing out meaningful outcome to suggest and advise remedial measures to facilitate the relevant agencies for adopting them for formulation of adequate policies, programmes and their effective implementation through the organisation of training to be imparted to the representatives of Gram Kachahri and Gram Panchayat.


  • To achieve the objectives, the functions of the Chair will include teaching, training, research and evaluative studies in the allocated thrust areas. It will organize Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, Conferences, Lectures and Panel Discussions. It will provide assistance to Academicians, Intellectuals and Students/Research Scholars for undertaking the theoretical and field studies by applying appropriate research methodologies;
  • To assign and facilitate short and long term research projects to Post-graduate students and Research Scholars, post-graduation dissertations and thesis leading to M.Phil and Ph.D Degrees. Activities of the Chair include publication of books, journals, articles, research papers, research projects, case study and monographs especially in the thrust area;
  • To undertake any other assigned studies and research projects by the PRD from time to time. For such additional studies/research, additional funds will be released by the PRD over and above the seed money. Such research studies can be entrusted by the Chair to other relevant research agencies/individuals or Institutions with the approval of the PRD and
  • d) To enter into National/International collaboration for undertaking such studies research on the subject(s) relevant to the objectives, functions of the Chair and its allocated thrust area with the prior approval of PRD.